djkaktus's Proposal III Story 1

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: Containment of SCP-001 must be accomplished.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," which is followed by a link to a series of Tales in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. In the end he is successful, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The Other Overseer
The Accountant
The Liar
The Archivist
The Outsider

A man called Calvin Lucien is in a Somali Warehouse proposes a mission he slides a journal across the table about the 13 O5 Council Members, Calvin gets a team of 4, Adam Olivia and Anthony, They planned To eliminate O5-13 first because O5-13 was the one who made a deal with Death, a deal that protects The O5 Council from dying

The Thirteenth Overseer

The Team board a ship from the tip from South America to Antarctica, when they alarms went off they boarded the ship, they see something in the distance, a tall black tower sticking out of the ground, The ship then beaches near the island Calvin enters the black tower

Inside is a human corpse, The corpse speaks to Calvin but it's mouth does not move Death has Inhabited The body of O5-13 Dr Felix Carter, Calvin lunges at the corpse and takes out a Vial from The Fountain of Youth and grabs the corpse's neck and tilts his head down and pours the liquid down into the throat of Felix Carter, His body then reanimates back into the Real Felix Carter Calvin takes his pistol and shoots him in the head and chest, O5-13 was dead, Calvin takes Felix's body and throws him into a bottomless pit

The O5 Council's deal is broken they are free to die, Death then appears infront of Calvin "So it is you who broke the Overseers deal with me Calvin Lucien", He asked why she didn't stop him from killing O5-13 "there are things beyond even my reach Calvin Lucien" says Death then Death vanishes.

The Twelfth Overseer

The Killsquad then make their way to Tokyo Japan Where O5-12 is, O5-12 is so good at math and probability that he can accurately predict the future anything about his life, The hours he've slept, the exact clothes he wore yesterday down to the number of breaths and steps he takes each day is predetermined.

If The Accountant can predict when they're coming, how can they kill The Accountant? That morning O5-12 gets out of his black car and spots Adam he has predicted he is here to kill him and lunges at Adam and throws him to the ground he then adjusts his watch to form a glare directly into the sniper rifle where Anthony sits and fires but misses due to the glare.

The Accountant then looks back and watches Olivia help Adam to his feet and they run towards an alleyway, the alleyway is a dead end, and The Accountant pulls out a gun to shoot Adam but Olivia lunges Adam behind a dumpster the bullet hits a wall where Adam's head once was.

The Accountant then climbs some stairs to a subway station, there is no one there apart from Calvin, The Accountant is dumbfounded "How are you here? 2 miracles in 1 day?" he asks Calvin stands up and takes out a coin and flips it, The coin is faced down Calvin asks where O5-11 is and the other 10, O5-12 shakes his head, Calvin then flips the coin, the coin is face up, and shoots Omar in the head

The Eleventh Overseer

Olivia sneaks out of an art exhibit to a balcony looking over Seattle, Anthony walks behind her and tells her the Foundation is dead Olivia is confused and asked "What about O5-11 and their ability to-" Olivia stands back in fear and her eyes go wide she takes out a knife and stabs Anthony in the heart, The world around her begins to fall apart, It was a false reality created by O5-11

Olivia wakes up in a Motel sleeping next to Adam she thinks it was just a weird dream, She wakes up Adam, They both don't know how they got in the motel, Adam was too focused on his computer, Olivia Seeks the chance and shoots Adam in the head, The world around her begins to fall apart.

Olivia Then comes out from the False Reality and sits across a table in a room with Calvin She takes out a gun to shoot Calvin but she hesitates Is it really him? or is it The Liar? She tells Calvin That O5-1 is trying to get something from her The world around her begins to disappear and Calvin reanimates into The Liar, The world around her begins to fall apart

Olivia wakes up in a hospital where she is hooked to an IV a former Insurgency Agent named Samantha Biel sits across from her, She explains to her that she is The Liar she was tricked into becoming a monster by the O5 Council, "You are free to go" says The Liar, Olivia escapes from the hospital a gunshot in the hospital is heard.

The Tenth Overseer

Calvin and Adam goes into a forest looking for O5-10 The Archivist there is a clearing in The forest are 2 saplings that lead to a portal, Calvin walks through the portal, the world begins to twist and warp around him his vision finally comes back Adam enters and practically knocking Calvin over

They are in The Wanderers Library, instead of books it's filled with computer mainframes, a tall thin hooded figure covered in scales in a slight emerald tint it is one of the librarians, Calvin asks where O5-10 is but the librarian tells him that she is not there any more, she was eaten from the Tree of Life "If you want to see her, I will take you to her"

They follow the librarian down of what it seems like an endless staircase, they reach the bottom, it doesn't appear to be endless, big wooden doors stand in the center Calvin goes to the librarian and makes a withdrawal and gives Calvin a metal tube, he asks what this is but the librarian has vanished

The door opens and they stepped through they appear to be in a lush green garden with lush green trees sitting underneath one of them is a woman in a white dress reading a book while eating the Forbidden Fruit Calvin asks if she is O5-10, she nods and Calvin shoots her head the bullet goes through her as if she isn't there

"Do you read?" She asks Calvin She tells him she've read every book in the library, she came here to find the secret of immortality after the death of O5-13, By having read every book, She has consumed the fruit, She no longer needs the Serpent Because she was The Serpent

Her body begins to form into a giant snake, The Snake lunges at Calvin, he dodges but barely gets a chance to fire, But just like her human form the bullets just pass through The Snake, The Snake has Calvin on Chokepoint as Adam did nothing, Calvin yells "The Tube Adam! Open the Tube!" Adam grabs the tube and opens it, a long Giant spear that looks much too long for it to fit inside, He drops the tube to the ground and it reforms into a harpoon gun and puts the spear into the gun

"You can't kill me, I've eaten from the Tree of Life!" Adam pulls the trigger and the spear flies through the air striking The Snake in the head, Adam helps Calvin to his feet they turn to look at The Snake but instead of The Snake, It's The Archivist's human form pinned against the tree where she once sat under Spear sticking out of her head

A big greenish hooded humanoid figure appears out of thin air it pulls the spear of of the Archivist's head and hands the spear to Calvin, he asks who this figure is, The figure explains to Calvin that The Spear he holds is The Spear Of The Non Believer" an ancient weapon used to kill Gods a flash of light appears, and Calvin and Adam return back to the forest

The Ninth Overseer

Calvin and Anthony Track down O5-9, She isn't hard to find, and it seems like she wanted to be found, They find her sitting outside of her burnt down family home, The Outsider speaks "The Foundation just used me you know, They took away my academic career, my friends and my life, they made me conduct research for them that compromise everything I stood for and now here I am with nothing."

She sighs "Are you afraid of Death?" asks The Outsider, Calvin responds No, O5-9 lays down of the ground Calvin walks to face her She is covered in blood, "You're lying" she said and dies from her bruises

- Part 2 -

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