djkaktus's Proposal III Story 1

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal III

Object Class: Principalis1

Laconic Containment Procedures: The Overseer Council, or O5 Council, has declared the containment of SCP-001 essential.

Laconic Description: "To know the nature of SCP-001 is to know the nature of the Foundation," followed by a conversation between Adam and the Serpent and a serial Tale in which a Chaos Insurgency member assassinates every O5 Council member one by one. They succeed, leading to the formation of a new O5 Council and Chaos Insurgency.

The Other Overseer
The Accountant
The Liar
The Archivist
The Outsider

Summa Modus Operandi

The page is called "Summa Modus Operandi", which means "the highest mode of operation". It contains a manifesto written by the Insurgency, who believe that reality is messed up because of the actions of the Overseers. They want to destroy the 13 Foundation Overseers who they believe are responsible for causing anomalies. The Insurgency thinks the Overseers are like an irritant on a wound in the universe, but they don't explain why. The rest of the page has 13 entries that tell a story, and there are journal entries by someone named "U" that give more information and insights.

The story starts in a warehouse in Somalia where we meet Calvin Lucien, the protagonist. He's there to see Delta Command, who he thinks talk too much and don't do enough. Calvin tells them he has a journal with info on the Foundation Overseers and that the Overseers are causing anomalies. He says they need to kill the Overseers before a big catastrophe happens. Delta Command laughs and says it's impossible because the Overseers are immortal. Calvin shows them a vial of liquid and convinces Delta to help him.

Calvin assembles a team consisting of Anthony Wright, Olivia Torres, and Adam Ivanov. Anthony has been in the Insurgency for a long time, Olivia is an anartist, and Adam is a tech expert, formerly a D-Class within the Foundation assigned to SCP-610. Anthony had saved Adam from his fate, and it is implied later that Anthony recommended Adam’s talents to Calvin.

The Thirteenth Overseer

The info box for the first chapter identified the Thirteenth Overseer as being Dr. Felix Carter, a researcher for the “International Academy of Existential Sciences”, and hints to his relationship with the figure known as The Administrator, as well as his involvement in the long storied “deal with Death” that is thrown around when talking about the Overseers.

At The Precipice

In this chapter, Calvin and his team travel from South America to Antarctica and spot a black tower, which can only be seen with the use of a drug called "mnestic." Calvin enters the tower and finds the body of Dr. Felix Carter, who is inhabited by Death. Calvin breaks the O5 Council's deal with Death by using the Fountain of Youth and shoots Dr. Carter. Calvin then throws the body and the chair he was sitting on into a bottomless pit. Death appears in front of Calvin, Calvin asks her why she didn't stop him from killing O5-13, Death and explains that something is festering within the council that she couldn't stop. She lets out a gasp and vanishes.

The Twelfth Overseer

The info box for O5-12 identifies him as “The Accountant”, a middle-aged African male who is a mathematical prodigy, manipulating trade markets to benefit the Foundation’s goals.

Futures Trading

The opening scene focuses on two people, a man and a woman, discussing the recent death of Felix Carter. The man is angry and doesn’t understand how this could have happened despite all of their precautions. The woman seems hesitant to take action, but the man assures her that they cannot give up now. The woman backs down, and the man tells her to go “to the Garden”, where she’ll be safe. A phone rings, and the scene ends.

The Killsquad team plans to find the Overseers by targeting their finances, starting with The Accountant who can predict the future of the market. They track him down in Tokyo and engage in a chase, with The Accountant eventually being cornered by Adam and Olivia. The Accountant complains about the uncertainty of their actions, but is caught by Calvin who had introduced randomness into their decisions. The Accountant refuses to give up information, so Calvin shoots and kills him.

The Eleventh Overseer

The info box explains that the Liar is an incredibly difficult to identify individual in charge of maintaining the Foundation’s secrecy programs. It also hints at a connection between O5-11 and the “gargantuan aquatic entity in the Bay of Bengal”, SCP-3000.

The Grand Illusion

The header image at the start of the chapter displays a picture of seven men: Adam Bright or Ansel Shaw, Felix Carter, Skitter Marshall, Frederick Williams, Leeman Carter (the entrepreneur), Vincent Arians and Aaron Siegel.

The chapter opens with Felix Carter giving a speech about the fundamental aspects of reality to a gathering of researchers. He explains that reality is composed of threads, and that by interfering with these threads it might be possible to change reality. He says that both his team and Dr. Bright’s team have been working on the project simultaneously, with similar results. He also introduces Dr. Frederick Williams of the Royal Scientific Conservatory, a significant financial backer for their project.

After the speech, Frederick Williams meets two men: Vincent Arians and Aaron Siegel. Williams identifies Aaron as a prominent physicist, and is surprised that he didn’t make Felix Carter’s discovery first. Williams offhandedly remarks that it’s a shame that Felix will be discredited shortly, before they are approached by a dark haired woman named Dr. Sophia Light. After a brief introduction, Williams gives Aaron Siegel his card, and both he and Sophia Light depart.

Olivia is at an art exhibit and is approached by Anthony who tells her that the Foundation has been defeated, which confuses Olivia. Suddenly, Olivia stabs Anthony with a knife and the world around her begins to fall apart, revealing that it was a false reality created by the Liar. Olivia then wakes up in a motel with Adam and discovers a laptop with information left by Calvin on how to kill the Liar. However, Olivia shoots Adam and the world around her falls apart again.

Olivia then realizes she's in another false reality and is sitting across from Calvin. She pulls out a gun but hesitates as she tries to determine if it's really Calvin or the Liar. Calvin tells Olivia that the Liar is after something and that the Journal might be able to help. Olivia reveals that she has a copy of the Journal on a subdermal chip in her wrist. However, the world around them begins to fall apart as Calvin morphs into the Liar.

Olivia wakes up in a hospital and meets a former Insurgency Agent named Sam Biel, who explains that they were the Liar and were manipulated by the Overseers. The Liar lets Olivia go, but as Olivia is leaving, she hears a gunshot and The Liar dies.

The Tenth Overseer

The info box identifies O5-10 as Diane Walters, a former Librarian with extensive knowledge of the circumstances in which the Foundation has had to manage the End of the World, or the activation of SCP-2000, if at all. She is described as being obsessed with divinity and omniscience.

The Spear And The Serpent

Aaron Siegel and Vincent Arians wake up in a small apartment after escaping from the events of "The Children". They discuss the death of Frederick Williams, the Administrator of the Foundation, who was actually a reality bender. Aaron explains that there was no Kingdom of Abaddon, but it was Williams who caused the disasters. He deceived everyone to carry out research on an anomalous weapon, which was used to kill Williams. Arians is shocked and angry that they were not told the truth earlier. Aaron claims that Williams started the project out of curiosity, and Arians tells Aaron that they have work to do since the Foundation is likely to collapse without its top leadership.

Calvin and Adam go through a forest to find The Archivist. They encounter a Way and step through the Way. Inside, they find the Wanderer's Library, seeing various computer screens from Daeva technology. They encounter a tall, thin hooded figure covered in scales with a slight emerald tint. This figure is one of the librarians, who is responsible for maintaining and safeguarding the vast collection of knowledge housed within the Library. The Librarian's scales are described as being a deep greenish color, with the hood covering most of their face and obscuring their features.

Calvin asks if The Archivist is here, which the Librarian tells him that she's not here and she has broken her pact with the Serpent. Calvin asks if he can take them to her, which the Librarian does. After walking down an infinite staircase they are greeted by 2 wooden doors, where Calvin asks for a withdrawal and the Librarian gives Adam a metal tube and the Librarian disappears.

They enter the doors to a lush green garden with 2 trees, under one of them is The Archivist, who has consumed the Forbidden Fruit. Calvin asks if she is The Archivist, to which she nods yes and Calvin shoots her, but the bullets go through her and he stops firing. The Archivist says that she has read every book in the Library and made herself immortal without the need of Felix Carter, and she turns into a serpent. They open fire, but they don't work, obviously. Calvin is caught and the serpent chokes him until Calvin tells Adam to open the metal tube, he opens it to reveal a giant spear. Adam drops the metal canister and it transforms into a harpoon gun which Adam uses to kill The Archivist. The spear goes through her head and kills her. The Serpent - who is in a hood - gives Calvin the Spear of the Non-Believer, a weapon used to kill gods and was the spear to pierce Jesus Christ's side. They return to the forest after a flash of light.

The Ninth Overseer

The info box describes a woman named Donna Whetu Taylor, a former geologist that supposedly took her own life after being implicated in a massive academic scandal that ruined her credibility. According to this information, her appointment to the Council was a contentious one.

A Live Unlived

Aaron Siegel is in a Somalian warehouse, overlooking the new Insurgency they created with Vince. He is worried because the Foundation is also growing and expanding. Aaron talks to Vince, who tells him about the Foundation's recent attempts to stop a false god in Mexico. Aaron is uneasy and wants to visit the place where the Foundation buried "The Children." In his dream, Aaron remembers his past with the Foundation and his relationship with Sophia Light. He also sees Frederick Williams cause the moon to disappear and a dead man with a phone ringing.

This one is a short one, Calvin and Anthony find the Outsider in her burned home. She was forced to join the Overseers and her life has been wasted. The Outsider questions Calvin about his fear of death, Calvin responds with a no. Then she tells him he's lying before she dies by suicide.

- Part 2 -

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