Djkaktus' Proposal II

Item #: Djkaktus's Proposal II

Containment Class: Keter
Disruption Class: Amida1
Risk Class: Critical

Laconic Containment Procedures: Only the O5 Council can read about it. Keep SCP-001 itself in a special spacetime array and execute a ton of contingencies if the array fails. If it still survives, then dissolve the SCP Foundation.

Laconic Description: Foundation doctor Calvin Desmet who was turned into a humanoid gravitational singularity with infinite control over gravity. He looks into the multiverse and sees the only way to prevent our Earth from being overrun by SCPs in the coming years is to use his power to destroy all other universes.

He offers to do this for the O5 Council, who reluctantly agree. He then reveals that his plan involves removing every trace of the anomalous from our universe, including the Foundation. He kills two O5s but is recontained, leaving Earth's future uncertain.

Additional Context: Desmet's observations of more and more SCPs appearing offers an in-universe explanation for why the number of articles on the wiki site is constantly increasing.

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