djkaktus's Proposal I

Item #: djkaktus's Proposal I

Object Class: Thaumiel

Laconic Containment Procedures: Keep them buried beneath a church in Mexico and shoot anyone coming within 10km of the site.

Laconic Description: Nine kids who were experimented on by the Foundation and given the ability to delete targets at any range when near each other. They're still alive but now brain-dead.

Additional Context: The Foundation created it to fight the Kingdom of Abaddon, a group of hostile reality benders at war with them. O5-1, Aaron Siegal, as revealed in Part Three, experimented on children with the "Harkin's Gateway" and "Multiple Injections" anomaly after it killed every adult it empowered.

The Administrator, concerned about Siegal's health, tries to reassign him as Site-19 director after they kill Abaddon. When the Administrator arrives to see the Children used, Siegal kills him and the entirety of Abaddon with the anomaly before defecting with a group of other personnel. The records imply that Siegal started the Chaos Insurgency.

Siegal's part of the story is revealed in Part Three as well.

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