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The Way The World Ends

The Lock has been opened. The armies and monsters of Revelations and Ragnarok and older, forgotten myths march across the Earth. The old gods have returned, and brand new gods are waking up. And more are waiting in the wings.

The Foundation has been split at the seams. Senior staff and the leaders of the Foundation are missing, incapacitated, dead, or making desperate plans on the fly.

The ends of the world are here, all of them, and we're not ready.

Competitive Eschatology Official Playlist: You're a god or an entity or a force of nature, and you're here with an agenda. Here are some songs to rock out to while you end the world.

Story Sequence

Act One, Part 1

  • Apakht (Part 1 of 3) (by thedeadlymoose): The fabric of reality began to unfold before their eyes.
  • The Gate Opens (Part 2 of 3) (by thedeadlymoose): "Uriel," Yahweh said. "It is Time."
  • Revelation (Part 3 of 3) (by thedeadlymoose): "I come on behalf of the SCP Foundation," the woman said.
  • Storm Front (by Sophia Light): “Well, I'd say we're due for a little calamity. Wouldn't you?”
  • Awakenings (by thedeadlymoose): Ur-An-Uum raised her head to the sky and cried a rending wail of anguish.

Act One, Part 2

Act One, Part 3

  • The Bloody Autumn (by Dexanote): "This is your army. Delivered by Fear itself."
  • Stirrings (by Skara Brae): The lightning recognized his roar, and raced to join him.
  • Ganymede (by thedeadlymoose): "You know… In another future, we got to grow old together."


Act Two

  • Awakenings, Part Two (by Scantron): "I have infinite confidence in your loyalty and competence."
    • Interlude: New Toys (by Dexanote): "Oh I like you. I like you an' I like yor little buddy. I think I'll keep ya."
  • To Be Continued.

Chronological Sequence

How To Write For This Canon

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