Codename: Green King Hub
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There, at a moment of the death of all things, stand two individuals. The man is irrelevant and we need not discuss him now.

He is looking at her. "Josephine?" he asks.

"You recognize me?" she responded.

"You meet certain… characteristics, ones I am familiar with," he will ask. "I have never been able to find you before. What has changed?"

"I am good at hiding," she is saying. "There is little to hide from now. The sun's supernova is about to commence. We will not survive much longer."

"You will not survive," he has said. "I am hardly bound by conventional space and time. I… I am surprised that you still are."

"That I have not ascended to a higher plane of consciousness?" she will be asking. "Like the others of my kind? Like your friends at the Foundation assumed I would? Everyone was so afraid of me," and at this point she spoke the name of the being she was conversing with, which we cannot repeat here, "and none of them stopped to consider that the converse applied just as well. I was far more afraid of them. And I was sure as hell afraid of godhood. I'd rather live my lifespan, not to mention the lifespans of several hundred million generations, than do… well, whatever it is that you did."

The man will have thought about this for what seemed like a much longer time. "Do you want to see what they felt? Do you want to see what they knew?"

"I know what they knew," she had thought. "I took that knowledge from them as I removed it from their minds."

"I saw it from their point of view, as well as yours," he will be saying. "I can give you this knowledge. Call it a parting gift."

She was pausing, then smiling. "I appreciate it."

And then, at once, she knew. Her smile remained until the moment the fires reached her.

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