Chaos Insurgency

In 1924, the SCP Foundation formed a mobile task force known only by the O5 Council, known as the "Insurgency." The leaders of the Insurgency consisted of members of MTF Alpha-1, Red Right Hand. To most of the anomalous community, the insurgency went A.W.O.L.. In reality, the O5 Council had created the Insurgency to complete missions seemed ethically questionable, while keeping the Foundation's reputation whole. For around 24 years, the Insurgency operated pretending to be Foundation traitors, using anomalies to further the goals of the Council.

in 1948, the Insurgency removed several SCPs from containment, and transported large amounts of Foundation researchers to various safe locations. That same day, multiple raids on Foundation facilities occurred. The Insurgency seized SCP objects with great potential and caused several casualties to Foundation personnel. The Foundation's secret team had defected, and went by a new name: the Chaos Insurgency.

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