Case Colourless Green

Marion is reading SCP-3125's entry with Paul Kim and is trying to figure out why it was written as she is now required by the containment procedures to enter the room. Kim tries to convince her that entering the room is a risk and the procedure should be removed.

Marion still decides to enter the room and notices the room has handwritten paperwork as well as written notes on the walls. She notices some paperwork written by her. The notes are in a generally desperate tone.

A laptop plays a video of herself explaining what the room is about. The room is the only place in the world where SCP-3125 is not present. It manifests as the many types of antimemetics that are contained and the more is discovered about it, the more it encroaches into our reality. When SCP-3125 is completely discovered, the direct observer is completely erased from reality as well as everyone else in your own headspace.

Marion watching the video begins to realise how pervasive SCP-3125 already is.

Marion in the video continues to explain that it has destroyed the multiple antimemetics research groups worldwide, leaving just Foundation antimemetics which is already being weakened. She states that the war is already lost because there is no way for SCP-3125 to not be discovered in order to contain it. There is a machine that can be built to stop it but it cannot be built with the knowledge of SCP-3125 and thus cannot be built at all. She begins to break down and mentions a person called Adam which has been forgotten by current day Marion.

The video ends and Marion is extremely confused, especially by the mention of Adam. She then starts thinking about how the room was built in the first place, concluding that there is another room with the weapon to combat SCP-3125 which has so far managed to be effectively forgotten to be successful against SCP-3125.

Kim greets an exhausted Marion outside the room, and tries to but her neck before Marion stops him, noticing that he has been infected by SCP-3125 already and is dying. She has likely been infected already.

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