All Along

Tale: All Along

Summary: At 2315 on July 12th before the Departure, in Foundation Orbital Research Compound 5, Meeting Room A, Director Cooper reprimands Dr Marko for the high number of D-class deaths for SCP-3203 testing by cancelling all testing as well as putting him for a review with the ethics committee.

At 2356 on July 12th, in the same compound in D-1153's holding cell, D-1153 or Jacob Maxwell discusses with Tommy, the D-class in the room next to him regarding their position as D-class in space. Jacob does not enjoy being here. He then observes the Departure occur.

At 0004 on July 13th after the Departure in the same compound again in Director Cooper's office, Cooper is alerted regarding the Departure and calls for a meeting in the Command and Control Center.

At 0015 in the Command and Control Center, they discuss the reason for the Departure. Reality benders were eliminated. They consider the possibility of communications from the new planet. The Foundation ship Zheng He, is 12 light seconds away and returning in 2 hours 23 minutes. Director Cooper is in charge of FORCs 3 to 11 and request a manifest of their supplies. FORC-10 is determined to be a priority with a dangerous SCP, 3450 on board. Just then, Officer Makie detects something.

At 0019, 10 light seconds from FORC-5 in space, 2 GRU ships containing variations of Vladimir Vernadsky head towards FORC-5 to try to find out what the Foundation did to cause the Departure. They refuse all communication and plan to fire their weapons towards FORC-5.

Additional Context: The 2nd Tale regarding the "Straight on till morning" canon.

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