About The SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation is a secret organization that contains anomalous objects, entities, locations and other things and studies them in order to protect humanity. They are also responsible for keeping anomalous activities out of the public eye, even if it means detaining witnesses. The SCP Wiki is a collaborative writing project where anyone can publish a document of an anomalous thing and describe it’s appearance, capabilities, and how containment procedures work. There are currently nearly 6,000 SCPs written.

The SCP Foundation began with SCP-173, the very first SCP created back in 4chan’s /x/ community, which is a message board used for creepypastas. The original post of SCP-173 was made back in January 2007. Other users began posting their own, and soon enough a Wikidot site was created to archive them all. Despite originally being inspired by creepypastas, the Wiki evolved over the years to feature numerous different themes, concepts, canons, and topics.

The SCP Wiki has, one way or another, cemented it's place in internet history and sub-mainstream culture, and is definitely here to stay.

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